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Have you ever wondered how do you make an animated gif like this?

The answer is very simple; with the appropriate program!

Over time, more and more programs have been developped for screen recording and the conversion of the recording in various formats. This procedure can be useful for creating educational articles, for distance learning, etc.

Today we will see together as a funtion the ScreenToGif program (version 2.13.3).

The program is free, multilingual and a portable version is also available.

To download it, let's connect to this site:

Download the version we need by clicking on the relevant button (in the tutorial I used the Portable version).

This is the program interface; click on "Registratore" (Recorder):

elect the area we want to record by resizing the frame and start recording by clicking on F7. At the end of the registration click on F8:

Immediately after, the program editor will open:

By clicking on the
"Riproduzione" (Playback) tab and on the "Avvia" (Start) button we can review the recording:

To save the gif we click on the "Salva con nome..." "Save as ..." button:

Choose the rescue path:

Wait a few seconds waiting for the confirmation message:

If we want to resize the gif we move on the "Image" tab and click on the "Ridimensiona" (Resize) button:

Then choose the new dimension leaving the check mark on "Keep shape relationship" to maintain the proportions:

The program also allows us to save the source file of our registration to modify it later; to activate the saving we must put a check mark on "Salva anche come progetto (stessa cartella, stesso nome del file)" (Save also as project (same folder, same name of file)" when we save our file:

The source file is in .stg format

That's all

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